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Strategic / Immediate Loading Implants

Missing teeth pose an esthetic and functional problem for the patient. Especiallys when a lot of teeth are missing the treatment plan becomes complicated. The replacement of missing teeth can be done by a bridge or Implants. In case of multiple missing teeth or when there are no teeth at the back to support the bridge, the Implants are the only option.

The treatment with Implants is predictable and widely acceptable by patients, however it involves a waiting period of three months when the Implant heals inside the bone. More over in cases where bone grafting/sinus lift is required this waiting period becomes 6 months to 1 year.

As our understanding of Dental Implants has increased over the years we have started to not wait and load the implants immediately by using special Implants which are called immediate loading/  strategic Implants/ Single piece Implants. These Implants engage the more dense basal bone and hence the waiting period is not there.

The advantages of Basal / Immediate Loading Implants are:

  • No waiting period/ can give teeth immediately
  • Work best in multiple/all teeth missing cases
  • Bone Graft/ sinus lift not required
  • Comparatively simpler surgical procedure
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