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Orthodontic treatment: Options Galore

John Ray once said – “If beauty is power..smile is its sword” that is the power of a smile. Well aligned healthy teeth make the smile even more powerful. However if the teeth are not aligned properly an orthodontist can help.  The Orthodontist with the help of braces can make the teeth straight and the smile pleasing. With the advent of newer technologies there are a number of options available for orthodontic treatment.

  1. Metal Braces: These are made of metal and hence are visible on the teeth, however they are most affordable
  2. Ceramic Braces: These are made of ceramic and hence are white in colour, They are more esthetic and hence expensive than Metal Braces
  3. Self- Locking Braces: They have a self locking mechanism built into them hence do not require elastic ties to keep the wire in place. This makes the movement of teeth frictionless and the treatment time shorter. They are available in both metal and ceramic and are expensive than conventional braces
  4. Aligners: These are transparent plates that are most esthetic and do not require sticking braces on the teeth. These are most expensive but invisible hence most esthetic

All these options are capable of producing the desired results, however each has its own advantages and indications. The orthodontist after analysis of your case will suggest you the particular treatment that is good for you.

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