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Make your Pearly whites turn Whiter

A beautiful smile can leave a lasting impression. An attractive smile involves well aligned teeth which are clean, healthy and white. However over time teeth can catch food stains and appear yellow/brown. These staining can be of two types

  1. Extrinsic Stains: These are surface stains and can be removed by cleaning/scaling
  2. Intrinsic stains: These are inside the teeth and can not be removed by scaling/cleaning

Extrinsic stains are usually caused by food, tea/coffee. These can be easily removed by Scaling/Cleaning. On the other hand intrinsic stains are caused by certain medications while the teeth is forming in the bone, Intrinsic stains can also be caused if the tooth has a history of trauma and turns dead, which can lead to blood disintegration within the center of the tooth and resultant Intrinsic staining. Sometimes the teeth are Yellow/dirty white by constitution and may require treatment. Further the color of teeth is also a personal perception and a person may go in for a cosmetic whitening treatment to make their smile brighter and whiter.

As we understand all Extrinsic stains can be tackled by Scaling/Cleaning, However for Intrinsic stains, cosmetic whitening procedure is needed. This is done by process of bleaching and is totally safe. This can be done in 2 ways

Office bleach: Where the whole process is carried out in the dental office, It takes around 1- 1.5 Hrs                                  Home Bleach: This can be Day Bleach/Night Bleach and has to be done at home by putting the bleaching agent in special trays and worn during the day/night.

The new generation materials are totally safe and do not damage the teeth in any way.

If you want a more impressive, whiter, brighter and appealing smile, Do check the cosmetic whitening options that we offer at Gums n Braces Dental
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