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Whether it’s your first time or 100th time, it can be scary to visit the dentist. That’s why at Gums n Braces we aim at highest level of trust between doctor and patient that would allay your fears and apprehensions.

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Dental Tourism

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Dental Tourism means Travelling abroad to seek dental treatment, It helps the individual in Saving Cost while getting an opportunity to see and travel the other country.

Health services in India are more affordable than in the west.However affordable does not mean cheap in terms of quality of care. We at Gums n Braces strive hard to provide level of care that complies with international quality standards. Moreover you are less likely to face a language barrier in India.

If you are traveling to India and are considering dental treatment from Gums n Braces a member of our office will be happy to provide you with recommendations for hotels and other accommodations. Located in the heart of Gurgaon Our office is close to a number of quality hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas that can make your trip to The Millennium City a pleasant one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dental insurance cover dental procedures performed in India?

Most major providers of dental insurance do cover dental work performed outside of their respective countries. Dental insurance providers appreciate affordable sources of quality dental work. However please check with your company. To submit a claim, bring a paper copy of your insurer’s claim form with you. We will assist you with the form completion.

Is India a safe destination to visit?

India is a country of peace-loving and law-abiding citizens. It is a safe destination for domestic and international tourists. However, like any other civil society, there are aberrations, and a few persons break the law now and then. Most of the 6.58 million foreign visitors, who came to India in 2012, with about 40% of them being lady tourists, did not report any major problems in India during their visits and the country continues to receive repeat visitors. It is reiterated that India remains a safe destination for international visitors including women tourists.(Source:incredibleindia.org Government of India website)

What would be the time frame of my treatment?

Once you contact us, we can be in touch with you through phone and e-mail to understand the problems for which you are seeking treatments. Thereafter we can explain you the treatments that would be needed and the probable time frame.

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