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Cleaning of teeth: Not just cosmetic benefit

Cleaning or scaling of teeth is a regular treatment that dentists advice to get done once every six months. Most people have this misconception that scaling removes the enamel from the teeth, this is totally untrue. The Fact is that scaling not only makes the teeth cleaner, it also reduces the chances of developing Gum diseases. The Tartar or Plaque deposited on the teeth has millions of bacteria that are harmful for the teeth. They are the main cause of Gum disease.

Further the newer studies claim that gum disease has a link with Heart disease, which means that people with gum disease are more likely to get cardiac disease. This happens because the bacteria from the plaque can enter the blood through the diseased gum tissue.

The importance of keeping oral hygiene and healthy gums can not be over emphasized , and professional cleaning/scaling is a part of this.

Consult a periodontist to know the status of your Gums and know the improvements you need for better oral hygiene.

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